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Let me say that I give Tetyana 5 Stars!
I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the talent and insight of Tetyana. This reading was extra special because it was for my 10 year old little Star Child. ????
Tetyana not only welcomed the opportunity to read for a young child - she also truly connected with my daughter. Tetyana was patient of questions asked and she took time to clearly explain the cards. In a very loving way Tetyana encouraged my little girl to trust herself and grow her skills. You could feel the energy as they shared their experiences with fairies and energy work. My daughter is beyond thrilled that an adult took her seriously and encouraged her to continue on her journey with some thoughtful suggestions. I feel blest to have witness this sacred moment.
In addition to the amazing reading Tetyana also messaged copies of the cards pulled and their meaning. My child already has plans to print them and add it to her dream journal. ????
I highly recommend Tetyana. I hope you take the opportunity to experience a reading with her. Thank you Tetyana. ☀️

Sarah Jane

I was very fortunate to experience both of Tatianas modalities earlier this year. These are beautiful gifts to experience. The Quantum reintegration sessions left me feeling energized in peace and connected. It is such a wonderful feeling and one could easily enjoy repeated sessions, for this amazing lightness is a really enjoyable space. I felt a very noticeable energy in the room before The Ancestral session had started. I experienced physical body sensations and reactions during the treatment time. This one was a very deep healing session for me. I felt like I was millions of miles away and I continued in the healing zone for many hours after the ancestral session.
Fabulous Modalities. Time to book in for another one

Stacey Clark

I was very fortunate to have attended Tatiana's Full Super Moon in Virgo workshop and really enjoyed the energy and insights I experienced during that time. During the Quantum Healing, I received information about my old soul heritage and connected to the Lyran star seed race. The second part, Ancestral Lineage healing, is where I saw a past life karmic pattern being dissolved; the context was incredibly clear and revealing. The final segment, Soul Recall, confirmed insights I have been receiving recently, about my soul wishing to experience greater creativity. So much was felt and accomplished in this time. Thank you very much Tatiana.

I wanted to express my gratitude to Tatiana for such a wonderful Sarah Healing session with Master Sarah, her violet flame and most beautiful legion of angels. No sooner had the session started, I could feel the presence of Sarah's angels. They have this most incredible pure white energy which I saw as streams of white light. The second part of the session involved the violet flame. I could feel so much transmuting occurring in my heart chakra and solar plexus. This enabled Tatiana to complete balancing and cleansing my chakras. The session ended with Ascended Master Sarah sealing all the energetic work that has taken place in Tatiana's healing session today. With my gratitude to you all. Thank you very much.

Louise Keoghan

It’s been a long time since I felt like an Atlantean. I don’t mean the fall timeline, I mean the beginning when the times were great. Tatiana Hellier is doing this Atlantean crystal healing that brings in the Atlantean blue energies, activates Atlantean field, heals the Atlantean core wounds, releasing the false Atlantean programming. I did the session with her yesterday and it was really cool. It’s nice to be in those energies again. Next day I just feel great. Def something that one should try if they can. I think as we heal timelines like Atlantis and activate those energies further it brings us closer to timelines like Lemuria where we were closer to the unity consciousness that we are bringing in now. I felt like an Atlantean all night last night haha. Fun times we live in.

David Starr

Tatiana Hellier is truly a gifted healer with the ability to energetically connect with multiple essential guides, to assist you with your present state of resonance. I strongly sensed, felt and saw work taking place during multiple sessions, which resulted in deep trance states of healing and trauma release. Tatiana is furthermore able to connect and relate with deep respect and professionalism. Anyone who is looking for assistance to empower their healing journey, is very fortunate to have Tatiana as part of their support team! ???

Kathy Nemeth-Serrano

We did 2 amazing healing sessions. Atlantean Crystal Codex healing was amazing. I had release of painful experiences from time in Atlantis then I saw beautiful golden time of Atlantis beautiful memories came to me. Felt my chakra's expanding greatly. I saw a dolphin and beautiful beings of light, many beautiful crystals & codes, felt a lot happening and saw so many things simultaneously. Really thankful for all, even after.. The healing kept going and beings still did healing on me. Really deeply letting go of past trauma and pains and after feeling so re newed & purified. I had some great activations afterwards coming in.
We also did together Solstice group healing, I watched the replay of this one and it was just as powerful! I have felt a big release I bursted out in tears, released grief, pain, guild, sadness, abandonment in deeper layers all transformed, transmuted into the light. I saw & felt our Higherselfs guiding while this all happend wich made me feel super safe all guides where completely surrounding us. Higher realm beings. I saw them laying their hands on my heart area. I felt Archangel Michael & Raphael. Electric blue & emerald green colors. Was able to feel the pain and release it. Feels really like a celebration to have that released out of my being. Tatiana/ Galactic goddess of healing. Very very loving, caring being of angelic light. She let everyone share their gifts and cares deeply for all. Really I am super super thankful and grateful for both healings and all that you do, dear One! I recommend her with all my heart. I for sure see you again very soon.
Love & Blessings Grateful thanking all

Lianne Schulte

So I have to admit I was extremely sceptical when a good friend suggested I try Tatiana’s healing for my broken shoulder, I was in a lot of pain, unable to sleep for weeks and the injury was not getting better as doctors had expected it to.
Having little to lose I contacted Tatiana and arranged for 3 night time healing sessions, Tatiana told me I would likely feel very tired and I may sleep during the session, having not slept in weeks I thought there was no chance of this, but around the time when Tatiana said she would begin the first healing session, I drifted off into a deep deep sleep, when I awoke a few hours later something inside of me felt different, I can’t explain what it was but although I was still in pain I now had some kind of inner calm and peacefulness.
The next 2 sessions followed exactly the same pattern with me drifting off into all I can describe as a sea of calm and a feeling of been supported. I noticed I now also I had a general feeling of confidence that something with the injury was changing and was frankly amazed and signed up for more nightly sessions and also asked to be included in Tatiana’s group healing sessions.

After about a week I noticed the pain was massively reduced and I was not needing to take pain killers as before, and after a couple of weeks I went back to hospital for my next set of X-rays where I had been expecting the consultant to tell me I needed an operation to find that (miraculously?!) the injury was now healing as would have been expected, and not only that but the recovery was advanced beyond the stage expected.

I still don’t understand exactly how this healing works, but I know for sure that it does work and I can only explain it to myself as it been some kind of extra dimensional psychic energy that as of yet most of us to not understand.

So, If you are in any situation where you feel the traditional forms of treatment are doing nothing for you, if you are in any way feeling helpless, I can only suggest you try Tatiana’s healing and believe; I am so glad that I listened to my friend and gave what I thought of ‘mumbo jumbo’ the chance, it has actually changed my life. Thank you Tatiana !!!


Tatiana is a lovely soul who I highly recommend. I received her very beautiful Atlantean Crystal healing and also joined a New Moon healing activation session. As soon as I made contact with Tatiana via Messenger, I felt her energy working for my highest good. I had activations and emotional releases while chatting before we even started the healing. She was very gentle, easy to communicate with and incredibly gifted and I felt very uplifted by both experiences.

Annette Chandler

I really strongly recommend Tatiana. I loved the regeneration healing I received from Tatiana last week to retrieve soul fragments and heal myself. I felt white fairy energy with glass wings, positivity and love and a feeling of ease and very serene peace. The beauty of these sessions is that it restores your soul. I also saw various light beings and beings from higher planes of existence and dimensions as well as the angels. Tatiana does an amazing job at getting you in touch with spirit and the healing you need. I’m so grateful!!!Thank you Tatiana.

This beautiful soul also does amazing quantum healing for the body. I had the pleasure of meeting with her this Sunday. She was able to heal my root chakra and solar plexus. The pain went away from my back, kidneys and stomach. I had a visitation by the healing greys and by ascended master Jesus and by the angels. I felt hands on my back and I saw a white light. I felt warmth and comfort course though my body. I was recovering from being sick and she helped heal my body in record timing.* So much gratitude for the talent and level of work she does. Tatiana is amazing as an intuitive, empath and healer. I have complete faith in her abilities to heal physical and emotional conditions. Please check her out you won’t regret it!
Tatianas most recent modality is her Akashic records and soul healing. She has absolutely beautiful work in this regard!!!! She takes you back to the place in your past life where your soul needs the be healed and then takes you to another life where you felt empowered by doing releasing and empowerment it really heals the soul. You also get to access your gifts and awaken your dreams and manifest once you are healed the lifetime you wish to have. I am not doing this justice. This is the most amazing healing I’ve ever had. Tatianas a gifted and intuitive as well as innovative healer. Her modalities are original and helps heal and empower your soul and essence. I was able to transmute past lives, access my gifts or magic and manifesting in Avalon and Lemuria and go forwards in time with this knowledge to create, visualize and emotionally anchor the life I want. She’s a world class healer! If you haven’t taken a healing yet from Tatiana please do. You won’t regret it.

Lauren Brabazon

I highly recommend Tatiana's healing sessions! Quantum, Regeneration or Ancestral, each session brings forth powerful healing and activations. Her sessions have been beyond worth it! She helped me cure a physical ailment and heal my ancestral line. Words do not express the power of working with her!

Jo Goldsmith

Tatiana’s healing abilities are literally out of this world... Her energy healing is deeply powerful, worked out with a gathering of high vibrational celestial support. She is very intuitive & talented, and she knows where & how to apply healing energy for your physical, emotional & spiritual needs. Absolutely recommended!!!

The information channelled by Bright and Loving Tatiana from High Energy Sources to guide you in your life, She is a proficient Light Being with a loving attitude toward helping others, though bringing the right message for you.
Besides this, she can give you a read with Oracle cards and share you advice about clean and balanced food for your physical body to enjoy.

Her services are truly suggested. Give her a try, and you will notice how her messages really help you..

Alex Bernal

I had the privilege to experience an Akashic Records healing session with Tatiana recently. It was soothing and powerful at the same time!
The session brought urgency and clarity for me to step into my own power while recognizing the generations of repression and issues accumulated in the female bodies in my family. I felt cleansed and calm on part 1 of the session; then energized and focused on part 2.

I'd highly recommend this session to those who want to dig deeper into their ancestral healing and are ready to take the authority to write new chapters in their life. The message I received during the session was crystal clear and I'm grateful for Tatiana's patience and guidance!

Moon Li

Having a healing session with Tatiana was meant to be for me. I think if someone is contemplating, whether or not to have a healing session, just keep in mind, there are no coincidences.
There is a reason for everything and you are ready to heal.

It could be a message from your Higher Self nudging you gently to experience a healing session, and for me , it was with Tatiana and Her Divine Team.

She is a blessing to work and extremely compassionate. Tatiana is on top of everything, she will clearly communicate to you on what to expect, answer any questions and concerns you may have.

My experience was eye opening, and I visually saw astronomical scenes which awe-inspiring.

Much gratitude to Tatiana and everyone who helped during my healing session.

I will most definitely book another session with Tatiana!

Lots of love and Light and a huge hug
Thank you!

Xenia Garcia

Wowza!!!!! Just finished up a session with this incredible one-stop shop for everything…. Tatiana Helier!!! Ie Atlantean healing energies….. very very powerful transmission transmutation….. healing balancing….. chakras….. pure blue light energies. Ty ty!!!! MorningStar

Carla Ladd

Tatiana Hellier is a very experienced and effective healer! I had the pleasure of attending her healing circles on 2 occasions her ancestry and soul fragmentation healing has made a very big difference in my life, I no longer struggle with fears that once held me back! I know it was working because I spent the next 3 days after her healing sessions releasing so much unswerving energy! thank you so much Tatiana for your gift of healing!
House/land clearing healing session :
I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Tatiana for over 2 years now. Her gifts as an energy healer are nothing short of powerful and complete!
I asked Tatiana for assistance in clearing my home and land as my house is on the market for sale. She was very thorough in that she cleared the energy field of me and my husband, including our little dog! The healing was very powerful in that it took 4 days to fully integrate all the work that was performed. Our home radiates as crystal clean and we now feel such a sense of natural energy and well- being while Knowing our house will sell to the perfect buyer very soon! Thank you dear angel sister for being of such great service on such short notice too!!

D’hyanha Fitzpatrick

Last week I did a Atlantis healing with Tatiana Hellier . My friend had highly recommended her after his session. During the session she used a blue Atlantis healing crystal and went through aal my chakras, I received wiring upgrades with the blue ray.

She released false programming. I went and retrieved the Atlantis healing modality from the crystal cave, was like a kid in the candy store with all the beautiful crystals.

The she clered my 3 lower chakras from war wounds from the fall of Atlantis. I have been healing and releasing all week since. Today I am feeling amazing. I highly recommend her services and her prices are amazing.

Danielle Ledesma

I've had one on one as well as group healing sessions with the lovely Tatiana Hellier. Her energy is calming and soothing, a very personable down to earth lady.
I've worked with to help heal my Inner Child wounds and other spiritual layers. I'm grateful to have met her in class we took together, and look forward to going to her again for future services.
Spasiba Tatiana Hellier

I just took part in a group Womb healing. It was very powerful, I felt like I was floating, and went to a different dimension. I saw things from my past that I pulled my energy back from, and at the end aside from feeling a little dizzy felt a sense of peace.
It was perfect for a new beginning. I absolutely recommend her to anyone.
Thank you Tatiana Hellier, I'll definitely be returning in the future.

Rachael I. Warren

I am so grateful for the healing experience. I have had major shifts in my life as a result, I am calm and respond differently to situations that would have been stressful in the past. I also have a whole new perspective on life. The sessions are very powerful, either live on the Zoom call or by listening to the recording. I highly recommend working with her.

Thank you Tatiana!

Sharon Lajoie

I just had a Atlantean Crystal healing session with Tatiana Hellier, mine was like a magic carpet ride, I experienced many profound scenery that were out of this world marvellous. For more details, I also had left a video review on her YouTube. I highly recommend her session to anyone, who wants to unfolding/healing their Atlantean memories, to book a

Angel Divine

Hello dear Tatiana, I will share with you my experience. So in the Super Moon last night I was outside on a walk with a friend and then came home exhausted with the energy and fell asleep. I then woke up at 3:33 and started the healing. The music ended at 4:44, that was amazing to see the codes so powerfully. So me at 3:33 I was feeling so much pressure in my head and brain with many thought patterns and memories of trauma. Throughout the healing, I did experience deep purification and release with the Arcturians, I very clearly experienced their presence throughout and my own surrender. That’s amazing you saw Sedona and the ancestral healing there. I also see the Sarah vibration in you for sure I'm feeling so much relief because all the memories coming up were awful!!! Feels terrible, but I know that it’s a cleansing and now I’m feeling space and revitalized. I’m so grateful! Beautiful work Tatiana, I loved it!

Ana Estrada

Hello my friends

I would love to share my experience with Tatiana. Being a healer myself (I study with Deborah King) I had many different modalities every week as well. However I tried few ones with Tatiana out of curiosity and very happy that I did it. It was beautiful healing itself very strong connection to divine feminine and other healing lights.

But the after healing effect was strong. letting go of past traumas and pains. It was just flashing in my mind / body and saying goodbye. If I was not healer myself I may be a bit upset because next few days after healing where intense but I knew that big shift is happening and just let it go.

Big fun of her modalities and yes I will be back for more when my higher self will allow for next step. Love and light

Darya Roldugina

WOW! My healing experience with Tatiana was very effective, I found out so much about my soul's past journeys, how linked I was to the Native Americans! Her healing sessions are enjoyable and really do remove negative energy ! Also she is an absolute delight to be around and know! Thank you very much!!

House/land clearing session:
I really like working with Tatiana, she is really focused on your healing and she does it with great care. I have done group healings with her and she is one of very few in which I know real work is being performed for my benefit. I can see and feel images and energy that I have not experienced before. Don't hesitate to work with her. She is a professional energy worker who is very gifted in what she does. Thank you for your help!

Michael Fitzpatrick

Since having a Galactic Upgrade with Tatiana recently, the actual method was very relaxing, I was restored, renewed and revitalized straight away.. I noticed on that first night my dream state was restored, the vivid recall of it upon waking. I also experienced a great cleansing, like a new body and have been building on my new pristine vessel. I would recommend her work to anyone who wishes a fresh perspective. Many many thanks Tatiana

Jeannine Marquis

My session with Tatiana Hellier was amazing. Not only did she guide me with choosing a session that with best suit my needs. She asked questions to address any specific issues. She is so down to earth that I immediately felt very comfortable with her. I would and have recommended her to my friends and family. I feel so blessed in having the priori work with her. Thank you Tatiana!

Yvonne French

Definitely recommend Tatiana!
Very Gifted Healer! ???
I have sensed energies going through my entire body!

Mateusz Woloszyn

Tatiana has really helped find my inner truth and work through all my beliefs that didn’t serve my journey. She is a great Healer with modalities I would like to work with and I am so grateful to her for all she does so gracefully. The sessions really helped me face my traumas and heal


I have participated in two group sessions, one for New Moon and one for Full Moon. Also a one on one healing to cut cords and heal past relationships. I have felt the energies working on me and around me and found all of the sessions to be very powerful, amazing experiences.
I came away each time feeling supported and comforted by the Love that surrounds us all. I would highly recommend the Galactic Goddess of Healing!

Mara O’Connor

I just had the Summer Solstice Healing session. It was a great experience I could feel the energy moving through my chakra system and the clearing of old and stuck stuff made me feel better. I physically smelled smoke but I am not a smoker so my body let go of something I was holding and I felt a prickly light energy travel from head to toe I could feel certain things being worked on by a calming energy that was making me feel very calm when the session was done the best is I felt comfortable and protected because all 4 arc angels Mary Magdalene, Jesus, St Germain and the gal tics were working as a team to help me make it through this trying time I am going through . I highly recommend for anyone to try this at least once , I did this as my second time and feel great I had a traumatic injury and want youto do anything to help my body recover . Good job Tatiana Helier you help so many and I am great full for your help especially since you uprooted due to war and still are helping others heal. You are very kind and I hope that people can see what a true gem to humanity you are I give you 5 ⭐️ ⭐️

Rita Bagley

Thank you Tatiana for the amazing healing session I recently had with you. I loved your unique approach with the soft music playing in the background, creating an amazing relaxing atmosphere. The energies I felt during the session were like warm champagne bubbles vibrating all through my being which were so healing for my mind body and spirit. Many blessings on your healing journey, and thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. Namaste
Quantum healing replay:
Thank you, I just finished watching the replay. I first of all within minutes began crying and releasing trapped energies, then I felt a buzzing in my root chakra with caused more releasing and tears. I felt buzzing in my sacral, solar plexus and root chakras. My body feels refreshed and lighter, it was a great experience. ??
I didn't see anything, but I FELT a lot of what was going on, the crying part was very helpful for me. I hope I continue to heal to the point that my pain goes away. Uriel said to me that by healing the past, it actually heals the future as time doesn't exist. I remain optimistic ?
Next day -it was seriously that effective for me. Uriel spent the night with me last night...I had symbols in my third eye too, I get activated with him also but had more clarity and less fogginess today.

Michelle Mullett

I’ve done 2 group healings with Tatiana. They both were amazing! Her healings and activations are done gently & with such care!! You can tell she loves what she does!! I highly recommend either a group session or a one to one.

Holly Schwer Cammarata

I had a beautiful healing experience in Galactic Goddess’s soul fragmentation retrieval session. She creates such a safe, loving and gentle space for people to explore whatever naturally comes up for them. I look forward to more sessions and recommend her work highly! She is very knowledgeable and truly dedicated to helping everyone. The world is very blessed because of her many commitments to helping.

Christie Rae

Tatiana’s Healing modality truly reflects the energy of a Galactic Goddess of Healing! It is a distant healing modality that channels directly from her Guides, Angels, Pleiadeans through her pure heart. Having experienced her work first hand it peacefully and profoundly affected my body, Mind and SOUL. Tetyana and her teams healing modality communicates energies of healing and messages of hope, inspiration and transformation. I also have the privilege of working with Tetyana her gentleness and knowledge are inspiring. She was a Medium Teacher in our Mediumship 101, 102 & 103 courses helping others' learn to channel and teaching the value of high-vibrational foods. She expresses fluidly and clearly on all accounts. I recommend her services highly!

William Michael Forbes

I have had the privilege of working with Tatiana for several months. She is a skilled Medium bringing accurate messages from Source. She is also skilled at card reading. I would recommend her to anyone seeking advice from Source.

Norma jones

Wow! Tis Is Great! Tatiana was very helpful when I did this session with her. She did a great job in guiding me and really held a space with great energy! Learned a lot about myself and did a lot of releasing as well. Truly recommend

Omar Ayub

Our meditator team had participated in Tatiana's Soul Healing session, and it was a tremendous experience. We were brought to the 9th Dimension and each had their own exploring moments. Mine came up and ended pretty quick. Initially, I felt a warm sensation from my chest as it slowly turns cold. Feels like its going to burst. Then suddenly my whole body's turning cold, as my hands tingles and as if someone's holding it. Then, i felt like I'm being sucked from my foot up to the top of my head. My head is floating. Felt like no gravity at all. It was freezing cold and the surrounding was peach black.
Until my attention was caught unto this bright light from afar. It was colour white and it turns gold. That made me feel good. Ambiance was so calm. After a while, meditation music was cut. Time passed to an hour.
The feel was amazing and I would like to come back.

Thank you Tatiana, for showing me this place. Next time I'll stay a lil longer. . Am grateful of you.

Kindly spread your blessings to people with great need of healing.
You are wonderful. Thank you.
Love and Light.

Christine Lacza

Tetyana is a wonderful person and quite deserving of the title "Galactic Goddess of healing". The quantum healing with scan sessions that I had with her were a gift and a pleasure. I found the information she brought through her reading was accurate and the advice and counsel very helpful. It is healing just talking with her and sharing space with her positive loving energy.

Jaison Zagorsk

Thank you Tatiana I thoroughly enjoyed the group experience and the downloads of different healing modalities. You and your guides took me on a beautiful journey that helped me integrate the necessary healing energies. I felt relaxed and safe I would highly recommend Tatiana she is a gentle empathetic healer.
Love & Light.

Christy Clarke

Tatiana is very powerful and gifted as well! She is a teacher and sharer of her gifts and knowledge. I'm currently taking a mediumship 103 course which tetyana is one of our teachers. I experienced a very emotional healing Journey, which Tatiana facilitated and guided our group through yesterday! If you are seeking for guidance< healing and great wisdom, I recommend a session with Tatiana! Much love to ALL on their Journey's!!

Gina Kilby

I had a wonderful experience with Tatiana. I highly recommend her. Not only will you receive healing energies, but also whatever you need at the time. For example, I received messages related to something that I've been focused on for a while. Thank you Tatiana

Sasa Orescanin

I have had the wonderful opportunity to have a regeneration healing session with Tatiana and it was fabulous!! She has such a loving and kind energy. She also only brings in source energy and for the highest good of all!! I will be back! Much love

Shawna Hicks

Tatiana used the cards with the one to one session we had. I felt very comfortable as she is a naturally kind hearted and caring person. I personally found my time with her inspiring and meaningful to me.

Laura Cherry

I have been with Tatiana numerous times. She’s professional knowledgeable gives a beautiful reading in a safe environment with beautiful messages. I have had her nutrition courses, channeling practice, sensing energies and pulling cards. All of which display her talents. I recommend her for any of the services she provides.

Christopher Briggs

Tatiana is an amazing resource on healthy lifestyle advice. If you are seeking guidance to support your desire to live your best life I highly recommend her services. She has vast experience in the area nutrition as well. Tatiana will work with you one on one to discover new ways to support your body, mind and spirit for your best and highest good. I also recommend her practise sessions! I have learned a great deal as a result of her guidance on sensing energies, card reading and channeling messages. She is compassionate and kind hearted and I genuinely have enjoyed the sessions that I have had with her. Thank you Tatiana

Tarra Harbarenko

Tatiana is a deeply caring individual who has personally helped me a great deal. She inspired me to make better food choices and to become a vegetarian! I met Tatiana while taking a series of mediumship courses over a three month period. She is a competent Medium with a deep connection to her spirit guides. Tatiana is a seeker of truth, light and love and she very naturally helps others to connect with those aspects of themselves.

Anna Gloria

I learned to know Tatiana Hellier as a teacher in the three mediumship courses I took from William Michael Forbes and Norma Jones. I very much appreciate her warm heart and authenticity. She assisted William and Norma in teaching how to channel, sense energies and learn to trust the messages I got. She also gave very good information about High Vibrational food. I feel encouraged very much. I recommend her as a channel and as a teacher. I am a grateful student!

Luisa van der Wulp

I regularly practice with Tatiana readings cards, sensing energies and channeling over year now. I really enjoying this practice time. I recommend Tatiana to anyone who is beginner in mediumship and want learn more. She can also give you advice about healthy eating and high vibrational foods. She also shared her knowledge through videos classes on FB. So I highly recommend her. She has great heart and she is there for anyone who is looking for guidance on their spiritual path. I personally look forward to learn more from her.

Lydia Necasova

I highly recommend Tatiana, a dedicated healer of the Galactic Goddess of Healing. We have a baby in Manila, Philippines who underwent a rare disease and was in ICU. Baby Miguel was undergoing "low in platelets in his blood". There was no set cures for this disease. Family contacted me and we were blessed that Tatiana was available when this was happening. Tatiana gave very intensive ancestral and quantum healing for days to Miguel. We communicated with her everyday to update her of Miguel. There were miracles from her healing and Baby Miguel slowly got the balance needed in the platelets. Her healing energies are very powerful. We are grateful to you Tatiana !

Mel Augustine

This blessed experience from start to finish was profoundly healing , energising and gentle.
I now feel centred , vibrant & most of all , I truly feel whole.

I can’t remember the last time I felt so good.I feel like I’ve been gifted my self back .

I can not recommend Tatiana enough.

A second healing I received with Tatiana has set in place a chain of events that has activated my light language . I have shifted and released old worn ancestral baggage.
The gift of this whole new dimension is such a joy to play in & I’m now excited to see what else will come into my life as a result of Tatianas healing.

Janice Wrigley

Thank you so much Tatiana I'm so grateful our paths crossed. I have attended many of your healing sessions and look forward to continuing my healing journey with you. You're an amazing person who I now consider a friend.

Val Reeve

I highly recommend participating in a Full Moon healing session with Tatiana. I participated in December and I definitely feel changes in my body and how I deal with issues. I am feeling calm and loved....I trust how the day will unfold! I absolutely know that this has come from the subconscious meditative practice that we had participated in that night! Thank YOU so very much Tatiana!

Janine Friedman

I need to start with the disclaimer that as I have come to understand it we all heal ourselves, because we each only and always experience the reality we ourselves project. Now that being said I can attest to experiencing heightened / expanded awareness while participating in Tatiana healing sessions. I don’t consider myself as particularly clairvoyant , but while in her sessions I have perceived myself traveling through a selenite crystal cavern that was pulsing with energy and then being crowned by Adama high Lemurian priest of Telos...with a floral headdress. Then him taking me by the hand and flying me all around on a sight seeing tour of everything under Mt. Shasta, not so that I could copy or bring back those inventions but so that I could be inspired to create my own creative inventions.

I can also say for my husband who agreed to do one session with me, but is still sceptical of all this kind of spiritual stuff (I still remember what that feels like) that it had a profound effect on him. He cried. He had all sorts of synchronicities happen in the days that followed. For three days afterwards he said he felt strange and kept waking up in the middle of the night.

There is no doubt in my minds that Tatiana is able to assist in setting up a powerful resonance field that allows those who are willing to abide in that energy to go beyond their more familiar (and more limited) boundaries.

So for me it is not that Tatiana “does the healing” but rather she creates energetic openings or resonance that allow my higher consciousness to communicate more readily with my little self and in that process I get to experience things that I don’t yet seem to be able to quite the same degree when I am on my own.

I have done other live guided meditations which don’t result in nearly the same richness of clairvoyance or Claircognizance, as these unguided ones.

Tamara Ball

I highly recommend Tatiana's healing gifts. I attended the Wolf Full Moon in Cancer group healing event on 1/16. I experienced my body vibrating, energies moving, and received some intuitive messages.
I also attended the Pleiadian Portal group healing on 05/20 , where I felt effervescent bubbles of energy rising up out of my entire body to be released and cleared. Truly a beautiful and amazing experience!

Susan Mulheran

Tatiana you do such lovely energetic work! As I am also an energy healer I love when I can feel another’s energy when they are working with me. My modalities are a bit different of course and my YouTube channel “Archangel Raziel with her Crystal Skulls” can show how different our gifts are!!❤️❤️❤️?
I am finally getting to sharing my experiences from your work, “Healing the Inner Child” received back in February and now the Ancestoral Healing! I am lucky that both came with some 3rd eye images which I’ve shared my journaled experiences with you here. I hope it’s not too scribbled as my writing can be a bit hard to read. I hope any thinking of working with you pull out the stops and goes full speed ahead as your work is amazing!!
Now one note; I wrote the name Uriel down next to the heart and star drawing. The reason that it’s written down like that is because several days after that experience I was working with a Channeling group (see my Facebook groups “Channeled Illuminations” and “Lemurian Call to Action” for more insights) and inquired as to the meaning of that image, that I received during the child healing. It was told to me that Archangel Uriel was the one that provided me with that image and it was a reminder that my energy and my heart is connected to everything and the stars alluding to the fact that the universe is available to me energetically. Archangel Uriel is one of my main guides and helping me on this life’s journey.
So beautiful work SisSTAR!! ✨✨⭐️⭐️✨✨⭐️⭐️✨✨
Thank you!!!??

Wendy J Napolitano

I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to be in 2 healings. Thank you Tatiana to you and your amazing team. This is what I have felt and noticed in myself.
Ok, I noticed that I didn't get along with women before. Believe me it has been difficult for me, in the last weeks I have received many requests from women. I didn't use to show myself to people either, I was always looking for an excuse to hide. In the last few days I have even sought to make myself see. I lost that fear. You know I never took videos or selfies until now, I was just panicking before.
I am concentrating on myself and what is best. I could never say no when someone turned to me, I was always the last. I set limits with people. So yeah, I feel more clarity. A deeper connection with my Higher Self and my guides.

Ithalar Sheran