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Welcome to the first step to finding yourself

Welcome to Galactic Goddess of Healing!
I’m so excited to have you here!

I’m Tatiana. I am Multidimensional Quantum Energy Healer and Activator, Medical Medium, Ascension Pioneer, Spiritual awakening and Ascension Coach, Lightworker, Anchor of The Light, Wayshower, Ambassador of Peace for ALL and Transmuter of Collective Energies, Oracle Card Reader. My greatest passion is my gift of healing in this realm and beyond.

During a healing session with me, you will receive help with your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and Soul healing.

I channel Source Healing Energies during a multitude of modalities such as:

Quantum Clearing, Healing & Activations with a full body scan, Inner child Healing & Integration, Psychic Surgery, Soul Defragmentation, Ancestral Healing, Complex Trauma Healing,

Karmic Connections Wound Clearing Healing, Twin Flames Healing, Crystalline DNA Activation, Atlantean Crystal Codex Healing & Activations,  Algalithian Starseed Ascension Abundance and Creativity Encodings. I do regular Group Healing Events.

 I’m also certified in Akashic Records Healing and Sarah & The Angels Healing System. 

All sessions are via distant healing with the application of Light Language, and the beautiful Crystal Consciousness I merge energies with. Healing sessions enable you to jump timelines into your higher one, to connect to your creative power and to manifest life of your most amazing dreams.

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Welcome to the first step to finding yourself

How healing can help you

If you’re ready to: release trapped emotions, stress, anger, frustration, self-hatred, rejection, abandonment issues, fear, anxiety, depression, pain, tension, being overwhelmed, let go of toxic habits and addictions, release negative false programming, traumas, physical illness, toxins, cut cords to negative energies and clearing entities; release negative Karma by healing and rewriting Akashic records, heal past lives traumas and ancestral lineages, remove blocks, clear your womb from dark programs/ imprints sexual energy from ex-lovers, shame, guilt and unworthiness I’m ready to assist you!

Are you ready to reconnect to your inner power? Feel safe? Be fearless and step into your Divine Power? Light up White Ascension Flame? Accept your Sovereignty as a Galactic Being? Raise your vibration, feel uplifted, build up your self- love, self- confidence, self-esteem, self- compassion, self -acceptance, self- validation, self -respect, self – belief? Discover your inner peace? Live life relaxed and calm, feeling restored, renewed and revitalized? Be harmonious in alignment with your Highest Self? Create healthy boundaries, connect to your innocence and Divine purity? Boost your immune system, balanced blood pressure, improve respiratory and digestive systems, have more energy, be in a better mood, sleep better, improved mental capacity, all while transforming your mindset and having a more positive outlook on life? Ready to experience happiness and joy, more vitality and improve your overall well-being? Live in balanced divine feminine & divine masculine energies; clear, balanced chakras, heal distortions? Ready to activate your DNA and your spiritual gifts? Explore Light Language, Expand Consciousness and Lightbody, reconnect to you Highest Self and Oversoul? Heal all your relationships with yourself, your partner (Twin Flame or Soul Mate), parents, children, other family members, friend or colleagues? Feel deeply supported, held, comforted and so deeply loved by Divine?

How healing can help you

My Most Popular Sessions

The few of most popular sessions is: Quantum Clearing, Healing & Activations, Soul Defragmentation, Ancestral Healing, Complex Trauma Healing, Karmic Connections Wound Clearing Healing, Inner Child Healing & Integration, and Group Healing event.
For all healing and coaching sessions see Services Page.

Group healing sessions is very popular as this is great way for anyone to experience my healing energies if they never had healing with me before, I always combine few different healing modalities which varies as I always guided by my Divine Team on what types of healing collective needs on each event. To find out more please see posts on Event Page.

Upcoming Events

Here you can see past group healing events to see that they really varied and there will be similar events like this ones again in future.
Check out Testimonials to see what amazing experiences clients had on group healing events.

Ancestral Lineage Healing & Quantum Healing and Activations

  • Date: 26/05/2024
  • Time: 1:00 pm EST / 6:00 pm UK
  • Price: £25 =$31 USD apprx per person

  • 1 hour healing session

    Heal the Root of Your Inherited Family Trauma

    Your family’s past may be the key to healing in the present.

    This the life-changing powerful session working with your ancestry.

    To break through the same cycles that ultimately lead you to feel you are in a constant loop of suffering?
    Is everyday more of the same? Are you ready to break the cycle?

    I will do healing with channeling Divine Source energy through me, clearing you and all generations past and those to come on this planet and other incarnations on different planets.

    You will alleviate the suffering of your parents, grandparents, or earlier ancestors and extend the pure light of loving kindness to your own generation and even future generations who have yet to be born.

    This will bring physical healing to your body, by removing deep traumas creating Peace and healing to all incarnations.

    This session focus on sending healing energy to certain members of your family tree, which will initiate ripples of healing that make enormous positive transformations in your life and the world.

    This will empower you and help to change your life—and the lives of your loved ones—with joy, happiness, and purpose.

    Quantum healing

    Included: cutting cords of attachments, clearing, cleansing and transmutation of low vibrational energies, attachments or implants with Violet& Platinum Flames – 9D; physical, mental, emotional healing, energetic detox of body, few different energetic mixes for energy, for body crystallization, expanding your chakras and Pillar of Light, light body expansion, and balancing chakras.
    You will receive activations that you need and ones that you put intention for and message from your Team at the end of session as well.

    This will be done in private group on Zoom.

    If you can’t make it to live then healing recording will be sent to you so you can watch it later and receive healing, as it is quantum healing and it will be same effective as attending it live.

    Preparation: have a bath or shower with Epsom salt, grounding, smudging with Sage, Palo Santo or incense to cleanse energies, do meditation or listen tranquil music to be at peace.

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Previous Events

For all upcoming events please see the Event Page where you can find all information.

I have events throughout the month usually at the weekend so as many people can join me live. I will be adding lots more events very soon for the coming months.

All events are done in a private group on Zoom.

If you cannot attend a live event for any reason then recording will be provided after the event so you can watch it later at a later time which is suitable for you and it is same effective as attending a live event.

Pleiadean Healing, activations & Soul Defragmentation

  • Date: 19/05/2024
  • Time: 3:00 pm EST / 8:00 pm UK
  • Price: £25 GBP=$31 USD approx per person

Healing with Mary Magdalene – Holy Grail Codes & activations of Divine Feminine energies for Women and Men

  • Date: 21/04/2024
  • Time: 12:00 pm EST / 5:00 pm UK
  • Price: £25 =$32 USD apprx per person

Atlantean Crystal Codex Healings and Activations

  • Date: 03/02/2024
  • Time: 1:00 pm EST / 6:00 pm UK
  • Price: £33 =$40 USD apprx per person

Positive Energy From My Customers

Our meditator team had participated in Tatiana's Soul Healing session, and it was a tremendous experience. We were brought to the 9th Dimension and each had their own exploring moments. Mine came up and ended pretty quick. Initially, I felt a warm sensation from my chest as it slowly turns cold. Feels like its going to burst. Then suddenly my whole body's turning cold, as my hands tingles and as if someone's holding it. Then, i felt like I'm being sucked from my foot up to the top of my head. My head is floating. Felt like no gravity at all. It was freezing cold and the surrounding was peach black.
Until my attention was caught unto this bright light from afar. It was colour white and it turns gold. That made me feel good. Ambiance was so calm. After a while, meditation music was cut. Time passed to an hour.
The feel was amazing and I would like to come back.

Thank you Tatiana, for showing me this place. Next time I'll stay a lil longer. . Am grateful of you.

Kindly spread your blessings to people with great need of healing.
You are wonderful. Thank you.
Love and Light.

Christine Lacza

Hello my friends
I would love to share my experience with Tatiana. Being a healer myself (I study with Deborah King) I had many different modalities every week as well. However I tried few ones with Tatiana out of curiosity and very happy that I did it. It was beautiful healing itself very strong connection to divine feminine and other healing lights.
But the after healing effect was strong. letting go of past traumas and pains. It was just flashing in my mind / body and saying goodbye. If I was not healer myself I may be a bit upset because next few days after healing where intense but I knew that big shift is happening and just let it go.
Big fun of her modalities and yes I will be back for more when my higher self will allow for next step. Love and light

Darya Roldugina

It’s been a long time since I felt like an Atlantean. I don’t mean the fall timeline, I mean the beginning when the times were great. Tatiana Hellier is doing this Atlantean crystal healing that brings in the Atlantean blue energies, activates Atlantean field, heals the Atlantean core wounds, releasing the false Atlantean programming. I did the session with her yesterday and it was really cool. It’s nice to be in those energies again. Next day I just feel great. Def something that one should try if they can. I think as we heal timelines like Atlantis and activate those energies further it brings us closer to timelines like Lemuria where we were closer to the unity consciousness that we are bringing in now. I felt like an Atlantean all night last night haha. Fun times we live in.

David Starr

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