Healing, clearing sessions

and Activations


May 2024 Special Offer

  • 1 hour session - see description | £40 GBP =$50 approx per session
  • 1.5 hours session - see description | £58 GBP =$72 approx per session

60% OFF offer helping to heal as many as possible

If you never had session or not sure which session book, please book 1.5 hours
First Quantum healing session (or Psychic Surgery or Twin Flames Healing, Akashic Records healing 2 hours ) -so we have enough time to discuss what you would like to receive and do the healing.

1 hour sessions: healing, activations, Coaching sessions, Quantum healing, Inner child healing, Atlantean Crystal Codex healing & activations, Relationships healing, Akashic Records Healing, Soul Defragmentation, Complex Trauma Healing, Ancestral healing, DNA activation, Spiritual awakening& ascension.

You can book as many sessions as you like up to end of May 2024 and spread sessions up to end of June 2024

Quantum healing, clearing and activations

  • 1 hours - Healing | £100 per session
  • 1.5 hours - First session | £144 per session

First session if you never had session with me before - book 1.5 hours long session

Once the healing part of the session is complete, I’ll discuss with you what your body and Divine Spirit Team revealed during the healing. You’ll receive insight for integrating the healing energies as well as the next steps to improve your health.

Included: cutting cords of attachments, clearing, cleansing and transmutation of low vibrational energies, attachments or implants with Violet& Platinum Flames – 9D; physical, mental, emotional healing, energetic detox of body, few different energetic mixes for energy, for body crystallisation, expanding your chakras and Pillar of Light , light body expansion, and balancing chakras.
You will receive activations that you need and ones that you put intention for and message from your Team at the end of session as well.

Psychic Surgery

  • 1 hour session | £144 per session

Psychic Surgery is the most advanced healing, clearing and activations session that I am offering.
In this session I work with my Psychic Surgeon Angelic Being from 24-26 Dimension and Elohim - they bring forth direct healing from Source, they are direct streams of consciousness of One Supreme Divine Creator Source.
The rest of my Divine team assisting me in removing very deep programs that person needs to release to make a great shift, its not a surface level ones but that deeply imbedded and imprinted within.
I do a lot of powerful activations because I am stripping off Veil within those areas, you can call it a removing a blocks or the Karma located in miasma. So I am uncovering what is already within person but it was hidden - like a removing a covering on a light switch and I switch your Light on for you, which will expand your gifts and improve life.
You choose what would you like me to work and if you don't know its ok as your Divine Team will guide me on what to work on for your highest good. A lot happens in this session.

Complex Trauma healing – PTSD

  • 1 hour session | £100 per session

Releasing trapped trauma by using few energy healing modalities that I am practising. To reducing symptoms related to PTSD: flashbacks, feeling jumpy, tense and on edge, overwhelmed with negative emotions, fears, anxiety, can’t trust anyone, not feel safe, difficulty to concentrate and sleeping, using substances to numb down emotions, irritable, angry, self-destructive behaviour, loss of interest to previous activities, feeling numb or detached from your body and emotions. talk after with more suggestions what else you can do to get better

Distant clearing, healing and activations

  • 30 minutes of healing - distant healing session | £40 per session

When you book this session write which healing do you need on booking form, please. Its for people who need support in physical, emotional, mental healing, and spiritual growth, and who are not comfortable in group setting.
Its for multiple healing or activations sessions to keep low costs to unable to have sessions - 1-2 times a week. Or if you are in pain, need healing urgently.
You can be awake at the time of session relaxing and listening to peaceful music or asleep, so just book the times I am available. I will send you email when its done.

Only book this if you already had first Quantum session and we discussed your issues and needs, only valid for specific healing modalities: Quantum healing, Ancestral healing, Complex Trauma Healing, Soul Defragmentation, Inner Child Healing, Karmic Relationships wounds healing.

Soul defragmentation ( Soul recall)

  • 1 hour session | £100 per session

I recently upgraded to do this session with Andromedans 12D

Soul Defragmentation Healing Session assisted as well with Arcturian Council 9D , Pleiadean Collective and lot of other Galactic and Angelic beings.

As the regeneration takes place, fragmented parts of your soul separated by traumas are brought back to your light body and physical body get healed in this process. As you heal, the ripple effect spreads to those around you, creating a healing for those in your life, too. This will create healing of all your incarnations on different planets and Universes simultaneously.

Multiple sessions recommended as we have lots of incarnations to heal.

Animal healing (New modality offered at introductory low price )

  • Pet Healing | £25 per session
  • Pet & Owner Healing | £40 per session

Healing for beloved animals: quantum , soul defragmentation , physical and emotional healing. Animals experience lots of illnesses same as Humans do, they go through what their Humans going through too suffering so much from stress, anxiety, separation anxiety, abandonment, depression, spiritual attachment, cancers, physical illness, approaching end of life. These are often the cause of energetic disturbances, energy blockages, loss of the protective layer around the body, which if left untreated, can manifest on the physical level.

The pets energy system is very similar of a humans. A healthy dog or cat has a strong, clear and balanced energy field.

Animals are very responsive to distant energy healing, which is comfortable for the animal and will be specific according to each animals needs. Distance healing is also compatible with other modalities, treatments and conventional medicine.

Our pets help us to go through our difficulties, they will take on our negative energies to support us in our hardship. If you have been going through difficult times yourself, I really recommend booking the Healing Session for yourself and your pet at the same time.

Inner child Healing

  • 1 hour session | £100 per session

To healing issues from our childhood, that is the cause of most our problems :
anger over unmet needs, neglect, abandonment or rejection, jealousy in a relationship, insecurity, vulnerability, guilt or shame, anxiety, the constant need for validation and approval, not loved by parents, low self-worth and self-esteem, people pleasing, fear of speaking your truth and being your authentic self.
These feelings often come up in situations that trigger strong emotions, discomfort, or old wounds.
If you can trace these feelings back to specific childhood events, you may realize similar situations in your adult life trigger the same responses.

To begin healing, you first have to acknowledge your inner child’s presence.
This mostly involves recognizing and accepting things that caused you pain in childhood. Bringing these hurts out into the light of day can help you begin to understand their impact.

We will work on your specific issues that you needed the most by quantum healing, crystal healing and light language.

Ancestral lineage clearing healing

  • 1 hour session | £100 per session

To breakthrough the same cycles that ultimately lead you to feel you are in a constant loop of suffering?
Is everyday more of the same? Are you ready to break the cycle?

Identify the root cause of the suffering and heal it with Divine Source, clearing you and all generations past and those to come on this planet and other incarnations on different planets as we have so many incarnations which runs simultaneously in the NOW as Time is an illusion, and everything happens in the now moment.
Time is not linear is a spiral.
The more of us heal the more our planet will heal and raise vibration to be able to really bring wonderful Golden age and Heaven on Earth

This will bring physical healing to your body, by removing deep traumas creating Peace and healing to all incarnations.
This session will help you to clear stuck patterns which runs in our families, to clear poverty consciousness, to heal some illnesses which comes from whatever our Ancestors did wrong things which many of us now experiencing as auto immune diseases, blood disorders, RA, spine and bone issues, release trapped souls of your Ancestors, to heal areas on this planet that connected to your lineages.
When we clear and heal these unwanted patterns, you will be able to receive all gifts from your Ancestors as they will be so grateful to you for doing this healing and you can ask for anything you wish to receive spiritual gifts and activation of special talents, abundance, power, strengths, support and protection, clarity and guidance from them.

Atlantean crystal codex healing& activations

  • 1 hour session | £125 per session

This healing modality is given to me by Ascended Master Sarah (daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene) . Being that assisting me is Arcturian, they do most the healing and activations; My 2 Atlantean aspects male and female, and both our Divine Teams. This session is done on 9D Arcturian lightship.

This session brings the Atlantean blue energies of healing and activations of 7 main chakras:
Crown Chakra - activation of neuropathways
3rd Eye Chakra - increase extrasensory skills like clairvoyance, clairaudience
Throat Chakra - activation of Atlantean field = Bleu energetic shield, its part of our energetic body,
Heart Chakra expansion. - clearing out Atlantean core wounds, clearing trauma with Arcturians - they boosting multiple bodies with Source energies, DNA upgrades, gene repairing - genetic code restoration this result in expansion of consciousness.
Solar Plexus - healing the war part - releasing this timelines memories, help with letting go and forgive All involved.
Sacral Chakra -releasing Atlantean false programming, you will be receiving ancient Atlantean knowledge by connecting with Crystals, this will upgrade your energy systems, restore memories from your incarnation in Atlantis.
Root Chakra - Atlantean times trauma clearing and releasing.
This session will result in lots of memories coming back to you which has been blocked before.

Very beneficial for Blue Rays and anyone who is resonate with Atlantis as this means you had incarnation there.

Crystalline DNA activation

  • 1 hour session | £100 per session

Very powerful activation of DNA strands for your own Spiritual Empowerment with Commander Ashtar, AA Metatron and our Teams.

This session start with Quantum healing to prepare body by cutting cords, Violet ad Platinum Flames removing and transmuting any low vibrational energies, I will create energetic support for body crystallisation to relieve Ascension symptoms, expand your Chakras and Pillar of Light and your Light body and then do activation of DNA strands.

How many strands it will be guided by your Higher Self depending on level of your spiritual progress. After activation we talk about experience and you can ask me any questions.

Akashic records healing

  • 1 hour session (2+ parts) | £88 per session
  • 2 hours session (4+ parts) | £155 (£ 21 saving) per session

In this session you will be guided into a deeply relaxed state known as the Theta brain wave state. ​It is a highly creative state where you can explore other lives (past, future, parallel, other dimensions, and other forms) and gain useful information to assist in your evolution in the current life. It is here where you will connect with your Higher Consciousness.

This 1 or 2 hours healing will help you to release unwanted issues, to understand how and why things happen. Heal and empower yourself in ways that will make your life better and happier.
I can record session and send you replay if you wish to do session again to work on different issues is your own time and space.

Why would you want to have Akashic Records healing session:

Lack of love, Inability to let go of old, lost love or longing, personal healing – no matter what the issue. Keep attracting emotionally unavailable, critical, or dismissive partners. Financial patterns that seem to be repeating in your life.

You have any: fear, depression, anger, obsession, or other emotional patterns you want to change.

Your present goals seem to keep getting blocked.

You’ll find out what energy of your Past Life has been influencing your Current life and causing the issue you want to heal or change – part 1.

You’ll Rewrite that Past Life Record, Create a New Record that will Change the energy of your present and future - part 2.

Reconnect to Powers or gifts you had in other incarnations – part 3.

Write the New Record of what you want to happen in Present Life – part 4.

Karmic relationships wounds clearing healing

  • 1 hour session | £100 per session

Karmic relationships wounds clearing healing session to release and heal anything which is not Love between you.
Can be for any connections with partners, children, other family members and friends or colleagues.
Includes merging 3-4 different healing modalities (Quantum , Ancestral, Soul defragmentation and Inner child) for you to receive specific healing which you and other person need to resolve conflicts and other issues.

Twin Flames Healing

  • 1 hour session | £125 per session

This healing is for you and your Twin Flame. Includes Quantum, Soul healing and healing of your connection.

In order to heal Twin Flames must work on themselves and let go of negativity. T
hey are not able to do this while they are together.
This is why separation sometimes is necessary to heal and balance their energies to come together as one.

The stages are very unique, and everybody goes through them in different ways.
TF are coming to an alignment with themselves but helping one another aligning themselves in their soul journey and awakening to the truth inside themselves.

NEW Group clearing, healing & activations for Businesses

  • Upcoming Events | £ per session
  • Free 20 minutes consultation | £ per session

Offering Group healing wellbeing sessions for corporate businesses now.

Helping with different mental, emotional and physical health issues: stress, anxiety, fears, overwhelm, uncertainty in this very unstable world.
For inquiries send me email
or book Free 20 minutes consultation by Zoom, Skype or phone call to discuss your staff needs.

Offering private group healing events as well.
Quantum, Ancestral, Inner Child, Soul Defragmentation, DNA Activation, relationships healing. Mix of modalities will be different as Guided by Divine. I always write all details on post for each group healing. See description for each modality in separate sessions.

After healing we will have time to share experiences.

This done in private group on Zoom. Replay available if you miss live healing it is same effective as being there live.
For more information on incoming and past group healings see Events page

Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect from 1 to 1 healing session?

We will meet on Zoom and have a few minutes chat during which we discuss any concerns, questions of complains that you have and you wish to work on. After we have all clarified, you will need to set your intentions. I will start the healing guided by Your and my Divine Teams working together. There will be quiet soothing relaxation music on background so you feel calm and relaxed. Best place for you to receive healing is to be in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, lying in bed where you will be really comfortable, with lights dimmed or off. You can light your favourite candles or incense. 

Then I will begin to channel wonderful healing energies from many beings of Light , you may feel warmth or cold, tingling, see many visions or symbols, have emotional release and receive messages. Or you may not see of feel anything just relaxed and peaceful or just fall in sleep and wake up when healing is finished. Same person can see and feel a lot in one session and on next session will be just in deep sleep. Every session is unique experience and depends on type of healing. It will be different as Teams will be working on what exactly you need to clear, release, heal and activations you receive which you need at that time. We both will be silent while treatment takes place.

After the Healing we will have another chat, where we discuss what you have experienced, what I have seen and any messages received for you. Depending on type of healing I will answer your questions and give you suggestions what can you work on between sessions to improve your health, relationships, abundance etc and what to expect after healing session.

What to expect from 1 to 1 coaching session?

We will meet on Zoom and have a few chat during which we discuss any concerns, questions of complains that you have and you wish to work on. I will be answering on your questions and give you suggestions what can you do to how to improve issues that you have with your health : how to eat healthy, supplements, exercise, meditation, affirmations, grounding, breathing techniques, any healing session which will be beneficial to you, books to read, videos to watch. 

Awakening and Ascension coaching: you will receive information so you understand what it is and how to go through this as whole planet going through this now and what to do how to eat healthy to raise your vibration, supplements, exercise, meditation, grounding, breathing techniques, any healing session which will be beneficial to you, books to read, videos to watch.

Positive Energy From My Customers

I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to be in 2 healings. Thank you Tatiana to you and your amazing team. This is what I have felt and noticed in myself.
Ok, I noticed that I didn't get along with women before. Believe me it has been difficult for me, in the last weeks I have received many requests from women. I didn't use to show myself to people either, I was always looking for an excuse to hide. In the last few days I have even sought to make myself see. I lost that fear. You know I never took videos or selfies until now, I was just panicking before.
I am concentrating on myself and what is best. I could never say no when someone turned to me, I was always the last. I set limits with people. So yeah, I feel more clarity. A deeper connection with my Higher Self and my guides.

Ithalar Sheran

Tatiana used the cards with the one to one session we had. I felt very comfortable as she is a naturally kind hearted and caring person. I personally found my time with her inspiring and meaningful to me.

Laura Cherry

Let me say that I give Tetyana 5 Stars!
I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the talent and insight of Tetyana. This reading was extra special because it was for my 10 year old little Star Child. ????
Tetyana not only welcomed the opportunity to read for a young child - she also truly connected with my daughter. Tetyana was patient of questions asked and she took time to clearly explain the cards. In a very loving way Tetyana encouraged my little girl to trust herself and grow her skills. You could feel the energy as they shared their experiences with fairies and energy work. My daughter is beyond thrilled that an adult took her seriously and encouraged her to continue on her journey with some thoughtful suggestions. I feel blest to have witness this sacred moment.
In addition to the amazing reading Tetyana also messaged copies of the cards pulled and their meaning. My child already has plans to print them and add it to her dream journal. ????
I highly recommend Tetyana. I hope you take the opportunity to experience a reading with her. Thank you Tetyana. ☀️

Sarah Jane