Recorded sessions replays


REPLAY of Mary Magdalene Healing & activations of Divine Feminine Energies

  • 1 hour recorded healing - Recording of a healing session | £20 =$25 approximately per session

It’s a guided deep dive into healing the cellular imprints and scars that have been left behind by traumas, relationships, sexual encounters, social conditioning, self-identity and ancestral memory.
Emotional healing and activation– you will feel your heart expanding like never before.
Releasing very old patterns of pain and suffering, fears, persecution and programming of any kind in any lifetime will occur.
The old stuck energy from previous partners still held in our energy fields, will be dissolving.
Deepest wounds, our deepest traumas will be released.
To reclaim the purity of your sexuality, to restore your innocence, harmony and Divine Union with the feminine as you reclaim the power
Clear Ancestral wounds and step into your Divine feminine “Creatrix” power.
Clearing distortions so we can move on to a new heart-based consciousness.
How is This Healing will Benefit Me?
Assists you in feeling more safe, confident and positive
Deep forgiveness of self and others, and with it a very deep healing happens.
You will raise your frequency
Reclaim lost pieces of themselves, heal distortions that need to fall away to reclaim your Divine Feminine power and sensuality.
Assist you to shine the radiance of your heart and step into your authentic power
Restore your womb’s purity, innocence, sacredness and power.
Activate Creativity, Unconditional Love to All, healed sacred sexuality
You will start having clarity, trust again, emotional balance and harmony
Healed ancestral lineages.

What I have experienced:

A lot of clearing and healing, and activations had happened in this session: I have written and sent each client their own Light Language codes, that I was guided to write with different Crystals, I was shown Holy Grail Cup with Pink Rose on front and I guided to write Holy Grail Light Language codes for all who was there in this healing.
They look like Golden Ancient writing I have seen before; I have asked my Divine Team what language this is and heard Aramaic. This was unexpected.
There were many more specific experiences as well.
I have done few other womb healings and client who attended sessions said that they were very different sessions, so each time you attend healing session it will be different because you will work on healing another layer of traumas to release and heal.
You will receive more activations that you ready at time of healing session.
I am so excited and cant wait to find out what Magical Mystical new experiences we will have next time.

What clients experienced in this session:

I just took part in a group Womb healing. It was very powerful, I felt like I was floating, and went to a different dimension. I saw things from my past that I pulled my energy back from, and at the end aside from feeling a little dizzy felt a sense of peace.
It was perfect for a new beginning. I absolutely recommend her to anyone.
Thank you Tatiana Hellier, I'll definitely be returning in the future.

Other clients: were feeling very relaxed and peaceful, saw and feel energies of different Light beings, Mary Magdalene, Andromedans, Source and Sophia Dragons had spontaneous healing of shoulder blade, seeing different colors of energies around them, some was just drifting on and off of sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about sessions Replays - how do they work?

Healing sessions replays is timeless, so you can watch them at any time you have decided, as you will be guided by your Divine Team to which session replay to purchase – so one will be most beneficial for you at specific time of your life.

If you are not sure send me email and ask questions or book Free 20 minutes consultation, click on link on top of any page of website.

You may watch it one time or may watch few times while you need to work on specific issue to release, to heal or receive activations.

It is best to prepare yourself before watching replay: have bath or shower with Epsom salt, ground, clear energies if you have Sage, Palo Santo or burn incense, do meditation or listen to tranquil music for 15-30 minutes before to be at peace so you mind is still when you start healing.

After healing session, it is advisable to drink lots of water, rest and take it slow, allow 3-7 days for releasing and integration of healing and activations.

Positive Energy From My Customers

Let me say that I give Tetyana 5 Stars!
I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the talent and insight of Tetyana. This reading was extra special because it was for my 10 year old little Star Child. ????
Tetyana not only welcomed the opportunity to read for a young child - she also truly connected with my daughter. Tetyana was patient of questions asked and she took time to clearly explain the cards. In a very loving way Tetyana encouraged my little girl to trust herself and grow her skills. You could feel the energy as they shared their experiences with fairies and energy work. My daughter is beyond thrilled that an adult took her seriously and encouraged her to continue on her journey with some thoughtful suggestions. I feel blest to have witness this sacred moment.
In addition to the amazing reading Tetyana also messaged copies of the cards pulled and their meaning. My child already has plans to print them and add it to her dream journal. ????
I highly recommend Tetyana. I hope you take the opportunity to experience a reading with her. Thank you Tetyana. ☀️

Sarah Jane

I have been with Tatiana numerous times. She’s professional knowledgeable gives a beautiful reading in a safe environment with beautiful messages. I have had her nutrition courses, channeling practice, sensing energies and pulling cards. All of which display her talents. I recommend her for any of the services she provides.

Christopher Briggs

Tatiana used the cards with the one to one session we had. I felt very comfortable as she is a naturally kind hearted and caring person. I personally found my time with her inspiring and meaningful to me.

Laura Cherry