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From the Darkness into the Light

I am very empathic, gentle, compassionate, kindhearted, caring, very down to earth and easy to communicate with, knowledgeable, supportive, understanding, unconditionally loving, truly dedicated to helping everyone to heal and change their lives.  I create safe, loving, calm, soothing and peaceful energy for healing. Anything you share with me will be kept private and confidential between two of us. 

Through out of my life (first 28 years in Ukraine and the rest in England) I have experienced so much pain, illnesses, traumas, suffering, repression, living in fear and deep darkness, I used all my courage and strength to find my way from the darkness into to the Light. I am so passionate to help you to find this Light inside of yourself. This spark of Divine Light is within all of us but we need help to ignite it and shine bright like a diamond again.

My Divine Team of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses, Light Beings, the Elohim, Galactic Beings, Star Beings, Dragons, Unicorns and Elementals guide and assist me as your conduit for healing. 

One of my favourite sessions to serve in is through my coaching sessions. One on One Coaching brings the depth many desire to experience during a session. Coaching sessions give you the support to assist you with the steps in how to create a healthy lifestyle with healthy eating, meditation, breathwork and exercise.  Through your spiritual awakenings and ascension, Dark Night of the Soul, shadow work, finding balance and embracing your empathy, and everything during the in-between, coaching session empower you to move forward in life and achieve your dreams.

My Story

My Credentials

I remain committed to evolving in my abilities to bring healing to the Collective.

Over last ten years I has studied under Jill Harrison UK’s No 1 Angel Messenger, successfully completed numerous spiritual, healing and Akashic records certification programs, served as a support medium in multiple Mediumship courses hosted by William Michael Forbes and more.

Not all of the courses issued certificates, I am always attending webinars on healing, activations and psychic development ongoing as inner work is never stops.

I have completed many courses with Jill Harrison: How to read Angel Cards; Algalithian Abundance Encoding & Creativity Encoding ;

Chakra Healing; Archangel Therapy Master class – Level 1 & 2; Soul Empowerment; Pleiadean Healing; Eat to live or eat to die; Archangel Ray Healing Master Class.

Other courses I have taken : Mediumship courses 101 &102 – with Kristin Davis

Support Medium in Mediumship Courses 101, 102 & 103 by William Michael Forbes

Sarah & The Angels Healing System levels 1, 2, 3 & Advanced level – with Rachel J. Goodwin

Advanced Energy Healing & Akashic Records Healer – The Light of Healing with Mariia Tsegelnyk

Akashic Records Healer

2nd May 2021

Advanced Class of Sarah & the Angels Healing System

17th April 2021

Chakra Healing

19th May 2013

Archangel Ray Healing Master Class

26th October 2014

Archangel Therapy Master Class - Level 1 & 2

13th July 2013

Level 1, 2 & 3 of Sarah & the Angels Healing System

17th March 2021

Advanced Energy Healing

27th March 2021

Algalithian Abundance Encoding

15 February 2022

Algalithian Creativity Encoding

8 March 2022

Alaglithian Divine Alignment Encoding

29 March 2022

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